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Professional Photographer, Rowan Metzner, a native of New Orleans, earned a BFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design in 2007. While there, Metzner worked with traditional 35mm black and white film, concentrating on abstract portraits of the body reclaiming the human form and its beauty.


Metzner’s current work has returned to the body, focusing on revealing its beauties through movement. Growing up around theater and dance, she understands the body and its capabilities with a unique perspective. A thoughtful attention in use of line, geometry and shape can be seen throughout all of her photography, be it commercial or personal.

Her latest book, Erotic Masters, has received praise and attention from media sources including Art Daily, Find Your Pleasure and Art Net. Metzner's photography is housed in both public and private collections, including the Aaron Siskind Center at the RISD Museum and the permanent collections of the American History Museum at the Smithsonian and the Louisiana State Museum. Her work has been shown in galleries in across the United States and Europe. Founder and host of Aerial Evolution, an aerial history podcast, she is based in Los Angeles.

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